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Dr. Osiyemi, a board-certified infectious disease specialist, entrepreneur, and skilled communicator, is committed to transforming health education into an engaging and accessible experience.

With a distinguished background, he shares his expertise through peer-reviewed journal articles, news outlets, an upcoming book, and an active podcast in which he regularly releases episodes

His platform showcases the seamless blend of medical knowledge with modern media, establishing him as a reliable and inspiring figure in the realm of health education


Awards such as: Heroes in Medicine Finalist by Palm Beach County Med Society,  Top Doctor Award in Palm Beach County,  100 Most Influential African American in South Florida.

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What My Clients Say

Some testimonials about Doctor Triple O

Dr Osiyemi and staff are the best, casual welcoming atmosphere. Dr Osiyemi is the only Dr that helped me after 9 months of searching for answers about my skin….and today to top it all I received a thank you card🤷🏾‍♀️ highly recommend

Pamela M Wyman

My visits with Dr Osiyemi have always been a positive experience. He takes care to spend as much time as you need with him to adress any concerns or questions you have. He is extremely knowledgeable and kind hearted. Highly recommended.


I am grateful to Dr. Osiyemi for his knowledge and experience. His temperament is relaxing. He diagnosed me with the proper treatment for my condition without having to experiment with other drugs. My time with him was rewarding. I highly recommend him. By the way, my office visit was pleasant too.

Samuel Stevens

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